dress, (polka dotted shirt): second hand, neon whirt: w&lt by walter van beirendonck (scored on ebay), shoes; second hand, socks, happy socks

Phew finally found the correct color settings on my new MacBook! I’m sorry for my latest posts in which I look a little dead and less rosy-cheecked, I can assure you no matter how much stress I go through I always have good skin. (It’s a little frightening to be quite honest.) Anyway, new dirndl added to my ever growing collection! Dirndl’s for me are the only traditional clothes I hunt for and as a side-bonus they are my personal affordable lolita dress variant! A pink one has obviously been on my list for a long time. Never mind my posing, I also wanted to show off these wicked 90s goth shoes which had also been on my finds list! I bought them after my first exam because I had had such a terrible mental breakdown before it yet I felt my exam had gone really well (but apparently it didn’t ooooops!; still worth it though). I feel a little iffy about this stiling, I like yesterday’s stiling a little more I think, but then again that styiling is also a little too obvious, no?

Photo on 07-02-14 at 11.38


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