pompom necktie tutorial

::yay!!:: ::sparkles:: A tutorial for this super easy and fun DIY because a reader asked for it and also it’s fun, relaxing and a perfect craft for a depressive! ::sparkles:: ::yay!!::

You will need an empty toilet roll, at least three pencils, tape or a french knitting stool and a crochet needle or your hands. Then wool of your choice, some cardboard, a couple of scissors and a thick needle.

First make your own french knitting spool with some tape, an empty toilet roll and some pencils.

Cut up your old roll and fold it round till it reaches about the size you want your crochet string to be. Tape it madly! Now get your four pencils and tape them symmetrically on your roll. You want it to look like this, kinda whatever, it’s all good.

Of course you could also buy one but why do that when it’s so easy to make your very own in whichever size you want?

My spool has a diameter of about 2,5 centimeters and this made my necktie about 4 centimeters all around or about 1,5 centimeters in diameter. You can easily make a smaller or larger one depending on the diameter of your toilet roll and amount of pencils! ::celebrate::

I got myself some semi-thick candy pink wool because crafting with thick wool is super easy. It was 79 cents for one pack at Zeeman and I’m so into it I bought like seven packs.

Pull your string through the stool and turn the wool around the pencils like so.

Now get your crochet needle and get to work! I am using a 3,5 large one. I don’t really know what that means. One day I just went into a wool shop and asked the lady behind the counter to just pick out everything for me. I am lazy. But, especially if you use thick wool, you can easily do this with your hands.

Now, turn the wool around the outside of your pencil circle and use your needle or hands to turn the wool over the pencil. Not sure what I’m saying here? Me neither. Here’s a youtube tutorial. (Crochet videos are so soothing.)

It takes a little while to make a long string but once you get the correct way of crocheting in your hands (and it won’t take long!) this will be really easy to do and then you can put on some episodes of The Face and cry over Naomi Campell’s flawlessness while crafting. So easy. So fun.

If you want to end the string, take one less stitch each round and tie it up.

Now, make some pompoms! I prefer making pompoms with the cardboard circle technique because it makes the pompoms, rounder and denser.
Follow these instructions via Pearls & Scissors. Trim your pompoms till they’re extra cute and round!

Then just somehow sew the pompom threads into the crochet string and the pompom, tie it up and you’re done!

::sparkles:: ::hehe:: ::sparkles:: ::runningpig:: ::sparkles:: YAY!!! ::sparkles:: ::doggy:: ::sparkles:: ::rainbow::


  • that tutorial video makes me feel so warm inside! i wanna go join evelyn on a rainy day and sit and crochet while we watch tv and laugh.
    your necktie came out so cute! totally inspired

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