Continuing with the altering of bad purchases! This was actually the outfit that started my idea. Just last week I bought this pink gingham dress, which I thought looked so adorable and absolutely perfect for the random heat wave we were in; cute, casual and breathable. But as I got home and put it on for the first time (oh flee market shopping…) I was really disappointed to find out it was several sizes bigger than I’d imagined. When I started to take it in I accidentally cut off too much fabric so it was too tight and the skirt part looked all wonky. I tried to make it work regardless but suddenly in utter frustration I just cut off the skirt part and ended up with this top! I didn’t like it that much at first but after wearing it for two days I grew to love it. There’s a very obvious eighties thing going on here, and probably it’s just me but I also see a kind of forties vibe in this due to the pinching waste and big sleeves? I crocheted the strawberries on it myself, too! These were the first I ever made and are kind of terrible but after just a little practice I’ve grown quite good at crocheting. I learned it via youtube (search ‘amigurumi cherries’).

The green skirt is something I thought I would wear but never really did. I made the bows too but never really put them to use till now.

My shoes are a really bad purchase and I knew it; years ago I’d bought the same kind but in white with pastel-coloured dots and they ended up the same. I hope I can find a shoe maker that is willing to fix plastic shoes ;_;.

Aaaand this skirt is a skirt I’d forgotten about completely (damn my colour coordinated wardrobe and my refusal to look into the black part!) and also never wore a lot because it was too big: I just pinched it in on the waist (my #1 alteration) and I think it looks pretty perfect! Those shoes are work shoes and I never really thought to wear them until I wanted those heart penny loafers I’ve been seeing all over online but! October is no-purchase-month so yeah.

Also, I have been getting a lot of really nice feedback from several people all over about my blog and I guess me, and I just want to say I really really appreciate it. I always think this blog is pretty silly and not very worthwhile because I am such a typical blogger; middle-class, white, relatively attractive and slim girl but it’s really nice to hear that some people do care or even get inspired (amaaaaazing) so uhm thanks? I’m sorry, I am very bad at expressing gratitude and, you know, emotions in general. But basically I am Maru and you guys are the brush:

And I’m just as spoiled.


  • Definitely getting the 40s vibe!

    Your outfits are always so cute and inspirational. Can’t choose which one I like better though although maybe I’d go with the first one because I love how you attached the bows to the skirt!

  • Good on you for altering bad purchases. I really like the clashing of patterns.

  • AAAAAH LEUKERD. Ik wil je kleding stelen. Ik ben hier al zo lang niet meer geweest, superstom. Ik keek zonet Down With Love en de styling is supergoed gedaan, en je eerste outfit deed me er een beetje aan denken. (Wel jammer dat je geen jurkje draagt want dan kon ik weer zeggen dat het een leuk “kleedje” was.)

  • Oh my God, that video made my day! I’m a total and complete sucker for cats. šŸ™‚ Both looks are awesome. The pink and black prints look really striking together. Awesome work fixing each piece.

  • I love your eye for mixing prints! *__* Those cherries are the cutest things ever, I actually know how to crochet a bit so I’ll be crossing my fingers I can figure out how to make them!

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