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I’m going to a 90s party tonight and though I honestly don’t feel like dressing in the theme I did do my hair according! I might change before going but I reckon I’ll just wear this and add my (slightly disgusting) fluffy 90s bag :D. There’s just so many 90s parties going on here, I cannot take it any more.



So excited about this lace blouse! I got it in Antwerp yesterday. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages but everything was 50 + Euro & I’m not willing to shell out that much money. This was only 9! Hurrah!


The collar reminds me of circus-related things! So pretty 😀


THIS TOOK SO LONG. And with long I mean 15+ minutes. Gah, I hope it stays till tonight because I find managing hair just so tedious.


I hope you can get what’s going on with my hair, I find it quite amazing actually. The back is extremely messy but whatever.

Oh and I have caved and made a Tumblr. I really needed something to manage all the random pictures I find online. I use a lot of them for school and such but it’s impossible to manage them on my computer, I really needed a tagging system. Also, the whole reblogging thing is appealing. What are your favourite Tumblrs, who/what should I follow, what’s your Tumblr? 😀
(Ignore the massive influx of posts from me today, things’ll calm down from here on XD)


  • Haha that is the ultimate nineties hair! I always think it looks painful, is it painful? I also like the braid, but I just love braids!

    Love your outfit too, that blouse is divine! Overall, you look adorable, even though I’m used to seeing that hairstyle on different styles of outfits XD. But whatever, it totally works.

    • I know, if I weren’t going to this party I’d do a beehive-like hairstyle but I just HAD TO make this hair for tonight :D. It’s not painful at all!

    • Followed you back, love your aesthetic 😀
      Totally yes! I love those sleeves too *_*

  • Oh je haar is zo geweldig 90s. Ik weet nog wel dat het hip was om een plukje gekleurd nephaar in je haar te hebben, ik had een blauwe en een groene (die liet ik van mijn zakgeld bij de kapper er in zetten). Ik ben nog nooit naar een 90s party geweest, het lijkt me leuk eigenlijk.

    En je blouse is prachtig mooi.

  • Your hair!!! It is so 90’s in the best way. I remember I had a picture of Claire Danes at the Romeo And Juliet premiere with hair like that on my wall and I made a zine about how much I loved her in that movie. And also Gwen Stefani, of course, who I emulated embarrassingly by wearing a tank top with my name ‘JEN’ on it and putting my hair in a million ponytails! I love these photos!!!!

  • oh man, i TOTALLY used to do shit like that to my hair back in the day. the two little punky princess leia side buns thing too, ahahaha. except of course i was like 12 so it was a disaster and not cool at all but you know. ‘sall good.

  • Such a great look! I love the blouse and somehow the hair instantly morphs you into early Debut-era Bjork. I think that’s a much more subtle and unique tribute for a 90’s party than the obvious grunge look or whatever. I’m also totally impressed with the shaggy coat of the previous post!

  • Ahhh what perfect 90’s hair! Love it! I’ve been looking for a lace bouse for quite some time, too. They do run very expensive 🙁 Yours is gorgeous!

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