Because everything gets lost on tumblr, I repeat what I wrote:

tumblr_msqo39DnFh1qb73ioo1_250 tumblr_msqo39DnFh1qb73ioo2_250

top & skirt & belt: second hand, shoes: some kind of brand of dance shoes @ Zsa Zsa Rouge, riancoat: gift, bag: hand-made by a friend

i had one of my worst panic attacks, ever, in this outfit & i remembered it & i wondered what, or if i had written anything when i posted this & the post makes me so so sad but also so happy because i am finally physically and mentally able to kneed and mould myself, but in my way and i am able to do this though i am not 100% well yet and i am proud of myself


In large part I feel a whole lot better because I’ve worked on it, but also because I finally have a new goal (to go to school and be a kickass academic princess) and it scares me because how do I keep worthy goals, always? But I should ask myself: what goals are worthy, how do I make them and how do I keep them?

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