Precious pony, precious panda

The other day I wanted to wear an outfit with with over the knee socks, yet sadly I didn’t have any. So I went out and tried to find some here in this confusing mini-metropolis (not really) but only found one store in which they sold socks that weren’t 40CHF a pop (painful) and of course they did not have the over the knees I so longed for. Naturally I googled socks when I got home and all of the sudden I got stuck into a three-day-long vicious googling cycle, as in completely natural of course. I discovered these, worthy of full-blown obsession, antipast socks and now my calves are aching for quirky and cute and colourful and beautiful and mesmerizing socks. So does anyone know where I could possibly get some cute, special and colourful socks (preferably over the knee because I could wear them scrunched like short socks, below my knee, and as they are supposed to be worn = economic thinking, right?). I found some here and there but I’d prefer buying a lot all at once and then being satisfied for over two years because buying things online makes me nervous and leaves me feeling insufferably guilty because what is the point of buying something that has to cross oceans and fly and spoil nature even more just so it could reach a stupidly privileged child like me that just bought these things online because they were cheaper and easier to find than locally? But, antipast-like socks (and anything that is entirely original) would be worth buying because they are so unlike anything I’ve ever seen, ever.

socks socks socks socks. socks. socks socks. skcos.

crappy collage interval:

From, Jonathan Aston, antipast, Hansel from Basel.

Oh and p.s. I’ve recently, as in a month or so ago, made an online portfolio, i.e. new website and a matching blog that might hardly at all ever be updated but I will try anyway. I might still post some stuff here, for instance like when I’ve finished a project, but I prefer posting there as I think the colours of this layout sort of clash horribly with whatever silly stuff I’ve made.

And p.s.s. I am really busy right now so sorry for lack of updating and especially lack of my sometimes usual sporadic commenting. I would try to compile and update on why I’ve been so swamped but it’s just dull and I’ve mainly just been busy with school, reading and sleeping, also eating hard and poignantly tasting cheese and pondering its many qualities, or climbing mountains and pondering the misty and so idyllic they’re almost kitschy landscapes.


  • Try top shop
    I also wanted to suggest asos, but your pics are from asos :DI went for some colourful opaque tights from asos this autumn, could recommend for sure.

  • sock dreams is a fantastic e-shop, with almost any type of sock you think you want and a whole bunch you never thought you wanted, but suddenly do. (they have FOUR PAGES of over-the-knee socks!!!)

  • Awwh, i love the look of those sort of opaque orange ones with the patterns on. Hehe, i dunno if this is what your looking for but i think is amazing, you can choose what style you want and then there are thoussands of prints to choose from, i want to buy something from them but i get overwhelmed when ever i go on there. I might give in to their cat print though šŸ˜‰
    Woaahhh, a chicken artist!? I want to meet this Chicken Artist bloke NOWWW, haha! I agree though, i really loved those chickens, i will have a farm one day just for my chickens!!

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