dress: pepe jeans, tights:, everything else: second hand
Still totally immersed in taking a languid break, a public writing break, an internet break, a communication break a break a break. To read and eat and sleep and become myself again, by mostly being lazy and boring myself good. I’ve stayed far from others thoughts to order my own and keep them to myself greedily. It’s only become more clear than ever how disordered and chaotic and empty the constant fast-paced image stream of the internet and anything else — actually basically this world? — makes me feel; makes my mind blank and chaotic and as if its losing itself in the absorption of too many people and too many thoughts but mostly too many vapid images and attacking its own emptiness if that makes sense though I guess it doesn’t. And I kinda wish it weren’t so because there are too many people here that I love and it’s too much of a safe haven to run away from it totally. You find chaos and cruelty but understanding and a like-minded welcoming home are all real online too. And I love its democratic source of so many kinds of knowledge and entertainment and it has all taught me to understand this world and others and this has taught me new languages and ideas and moods and loves and things and preciousness and anyway, I don’t know, I guess I’m continuing take my break; a sporadic and not-easy-though-not hard-at-all-to-come-by airport connection is helping, but I’ll be here always still — in fabulous outfits for sure. But anyway, just a little less.

I think I saw a tiny bird perched on the windowsill here!


  • I’m going to bake a pie soon and reading your post makes me wish I could send it to you. The immensity and chaos of internet media can definitely become overwhelming. I wonder how future generations will absorb and process information, since there’s never been so much of it available all at once.

    Good for you that you are taking a semi-break from things. I hope the break will give you what you need to feel better.

    • Aaaaah that’d be so fantastic ;_;. How great would it be if we could share food via the internet? I’d cook all day long for everyone ^o^

  • Love your outfit, great color blocking. Cute hair too 🙂

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