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This week I’ve felt slightly off, slightly uncomfortable & felt like nothing in my wardrobe reflected how I felt or wanted to feel/look. I’m sory we’ve all felt that way, for no reason whatsoever. Maybe it’s true, maybe I just want to believe it’s true but I’m vaguely starting to feel bored by the constant silhouette of skirts. I’ve been wanting pants for ages now, but never knew where to look until it suddenly hit me Marimekko would probably have something I liked. And it did. I know a little place that always has huge sales on small Marimekko sizes, which I fit in so I squaled inwardly when I found these pants!! Not only is it a challenge silhouette-wise but it incorporates my increasing interest in black too. And ya know, polka dots are a basic style for me. I can’t wait to literally wear all polka dotted items with this!!

(loving my creepy smile here)

shoes: dr. martens, pants: Marimekko, coat: gift/Sonia Rykiel, scarf: hand-made, shirt & cardigan: second hand, earmuffs: Veritas

Also, I might get these too, what do you think? It has that typical Marimekko style of pattern that seems hand-painted, in this case it relly reminds me of blak and white calligraphy, which is one of my favourite techniques!



  • You have great taste! Omg your pants are so beautiful im about 2 cry over them. Yes you should buy the other pair what r u waiting for lol. ♡

  • ::rainbow:: you look gr8 in pants! very tall! this reminds me of a gwen stefanie outfit that i’ve seen before. you wear it well. it’s true that we’ve all felt off or uncomfortable in our own clothes/skin ):. i’m always struggling with my fluctuating weight and the only thing that ever makes me feel better is experimenting with new clothes! upon seeing these pants, i now have to go google the brand and stalk their website. hope you’re doing well, you look fantastic! <3 ::rainbow::

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