Rainbow moon heart ache!

I’ve been feeling like a big cry baby lately, so I need to talk about Sailor Moon!

Usagi Tsukino, is a big cry baby but always manages to get up, wipe off her tears and kick ass! I feel the same overwhelming negativity or powerlessness Usagi is often confronted with, so lately I have been channeling Usagi to remind myself of my inner princess, and in turn get up on my feet again like a Sailor Soldier!

At its core, the premise of Sailor Moon is about women banding together and determining the fate of the universe. It’s about women literally drawing power from community with other women and being the most powerful in the galaxy and growing up to lead the world into peace and happiness. The celebration of women and showcase of girls developing, growing up and forming their own identities is enough to make the series great, especially considering how it influenced other media to take a closer look at female heroism and relationships. But I actually want to focus on what Sailor Moon means for queer women (and other queer people) in particular and what I feel the rebooted anime should do about queer representation.

Why Sailor Moon MattersThe Untitled Mag

All the Sailor Soldiers fight evil and darkness with pretty jewellery, glitter and girly outfits. It’s a beautiful thing that I recognise in myself; I often try to kick away overpowering bad days with pretty dresses, lipstick, a pair of unreasonably high heels and all-around regal or glitzy sartorial vibes. Glitter is what keeps me afloat and makes me feel stronger and ready to kick ass some days. It allows me to channel the princess in myself and armour myself against evil outside and inside myself! Naoko Takeuchi knows what’s up and I am so happy it’s a readable, watchable, glorious franchise.

There’s this one part in particular, in volume 7, in which Usagi is all alone, trapped in overpowering darkness, but ends up realising she can channel her friends’ power through her and kick ass. I cried like the little child I often am and I am getting teary-eyed just thinking about it again. It’s corny and simple and so, so on point.


  • Ugh yes yesss I will rant to anyone who will listen how miraculous and fantastic and special and important Sailor Moon is. Turning stereotypically feminine, frivolous objects and turning them into weapons and symbols of power!

  • OMG!! I absolutely love Sailor Moon. I had the biggest crush on Darien and swore that I would name my future son after him. That show got me through some heart aches myself and I would look forward to watching her everyday after school.

    This post just totally brought back childhood memories!!

  • I just read your interview on Yes and Yes, and flipped over here to take a peek.. AND YOU HAVE SAILOR MOON AND I LIKE YOU. So hello!

  • I feel like maybe maybe I have mentioned this to you before but… I have this AMAZING sailor moon book. It’s something like if the artist could do an ultra fantasy version of Sailor Moon all in explosions of shimmery blue and every pastel and sparkles sparkles sparkles. It’s insane. Like Meta Moon or something. I have to find it, I just put it in a box again. I’ll find it.

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