Rainy day women

As a mourning method for not getting the pink cherry-printed A-line 60s influenced raincoat I’ve been dreaming about for months I’m going to post my favourite raingear! I’ve loved raingear obsessively since I joined Poupée Girl and fell in love with the bluntly cute shapes, poppy colours and shiny, awful fabrics. My favourite IRL non-pixelated raingear stems from 60s mod fashion, and most especially those designs of the ever fabulous Mary Quant.

Via omgthatdress via V&A musuem: “Plastic was one of the new materials used by trendsetting designers in the 1960s. These [yellow] boots were produced for Mary Quant’s footwear range, ‘Quant Afoot’, introduced in 1967. They are made from clear plastic over a coloured lining, and resemble the Chelsea boots with square heels and toes worn by the Beatles during the mid-1960s. The heels are moulded with Mary Quant’s signature daisy motif. The wearer would leave a trail of daisy footprints behind her after walking through a puddle.”

& here are some random ones I found and loved:

Last but anything but least; badass André Courrèges:

SO GOOD. I am totally up for more links and images of (mod/60s) raingear if you have any 😀

Images via Flickr.com, omgthatdress and google images. I can’t redirect to the sources directly because I’ve had this folder on my computer for months without noting down the true urls.


  • I will never not want those Mary Quant rain boots! *___* My mom had a pair of them when she was younger (I still ask her why she didn’t save them for me, even if I wasn’t even close to being thought of at that point,lol.) I love how versatile they are, with all the different parts that can zipper on and off, and that they leave little daisies behind in your foot steps. Mary was a total designing genius!

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