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Sorry for the unexpected silence here! I think I’ll continue my october theme until the second week of november because of it. Last week I went on a five-day-long trip with school, an event which can be very exhausting for me and I’m sure for many other people. Luckily, there were cats, chicken and sheep I could coo about and rest beside. Nevertheless I came prepared in the form of outfits. People often seem perplexed about the seemingly lack of comfort or warmth of my clothing, but truth is I feel most comfortable, warm and happy in clothing I truly love. Like this outfit.

cardigan: second hand (etsy); top: second hand; tights and socks: H&M; skirt: hand made; shoes: Dr. Martens

I love this cardigan because of the cat and bright red wool but also because I am reminded that I found it in cold winter months on etsy for cheap while I was in Switzerland and couldn’t afford the warm cardigan I needed locally. When I wear the knit shirt with the sweet bow I am reminded about how I bought this unawares of the exact same (but for the colour) purchase of a friend. I feel comfortable because my feet are super warm in pink H&M socks and tights both of which are surprisingly soft. I feel like I can kick ass in those pastel Docs. And I feel all tingly and happy when looking down at my skirt because I made it myself after many, many frustrations.

I got this sweet flower fabric that was originally a table cloth on the flee market for an euro or two with the idea of making a simple sixties mini skirt of it. But when I started I cut the shapes while being distracted and when I tried to sew the two pieces together I was horrified to see that it was anything but the cute A-line I had imagined. It was more like an oblong. I almost weepingly put it aside after deliberations with my seamstress friend and trying but failing to puzzle together a decent pattern with the scraps of fabric. Months I sighed while stroking the fabric, I thought about it daily but I couldn’t find an answer to my daisy printed puzzle. Until! I bought a tennis skirt that was made of six different parts, parts that would fit the remaining fabric! So I took out some paper and sicssors and copied the skirt’s pattern and I basically have my dream skirt! Tears of joy.

I am super lazy when it comes to making clothing but I do it regardless of my hate for sewing because I simply can’t buy a lot of things I want and sewing my own things is not only a solution to that but also an answer to my frustration coming from this very non-problem (always try to channel your negative energy into something positive!). So if you’re as lazy as me but still want to make something worthwhile you can very easily copy a simple pattern of your already existing clothing to make a garment you love in a different colour or with a cute pattern and some frills added. Seriously, it is the easiest. Just make sure you can hold down your fabrics and pattern paper properly, indicate seam allowance well and just have some attention to detail when it comes to the sewing especially when finishing the garment. If you do all of that, you’ll end up with a decent looking garment even though you may have zero talent or patience, I sure have neither! šŸ˜€

Also, welcome my new theme/layout! I now have a very simple one in which I will change the background image every week or so. This week’s image was made with this horrifically adorable cat inside an ice cream cone which I found inside the myriad of files on my computer .


  • Just found your blog, and I absolutely love it! You have the cuuuuuutest style! =)

    I’m relatively new to sewing. I’ve gotten really good at making simple tote bags (I now have about 10 of them floating around) and tea towels. The one time I tried making a skirt, though, I failed miserably. I’m planning on trying again sometime this week, though… fingers crossed it turns out better this time. =)


    • Yaayyy, good luck! Try making a circle skirt, it’s super easy and I’m pretty sure there’s free patterns at burdestyle šŸ˜€

  • Your new theme is gorgeously delicious! A kitty cat in an ice-cream cone: purrrfect! >’.'<

    And the skirt… ‘.'<

  • I love this skirt-such a good idea to buy cheap tablecloths at markets and turn them into clothing(esspecially because I can never seem to find much good fabric at my local haberdashry).
    Thanks for the comment,it was a really interesting read…and I definatley agree with you that by owning your own body, you create a sufficient way to combat the problem.

  • Nice find on the tennis skirt pattern! That fabric is so cute, so I’m glad you were able to salvage it into something. Gah I want to start sewing now too, why do I have to be away at college with no access to a sewing machine?

    Also the break down of your outfit was really interesting. It’s obvious that your clothing holds sentimental feelings to you, and I think that definitely comes out when you’re wearing them. From what I’ve seen you always look happy in your clothes, which is the way things should be! I think a lot of people wear clothing as a “means to an end” i.e. dressing for the weather, dressing on trend to be popular, dressing “for success” aka in professional or business attire… it’s so prevalent that I think many people forget that dressing for yourself and your own happiness exists. While clothing IS a public presentation of the self, that doesn’t mean you have to dress exactly to the situation or for the people around you.

    I also wonder if some of the perplexed looks are because you are ignoring the “fall color scheme” of darker colors. I never understood the point really in changing the colors you wear based on the season, but that’s just me.

    • Thanks! I think all of those reasons or ways to get dressed are very valid reasons, too though. Different people, different strokes, it’s all good. But dressing for yourself really is something people tend to forget, I think when you’re inclined to that you’ll do it naturally if you feel good. Still, a lot of people who possibly don’t have that inclination or whatever still seem to simply assume that others get dressed for other people/occasions, and most notably people think that women get dressed for men. And by trying to describe my own personal connection to my clothing (because it is very personal both in a sentimental tie I have with it and also because it has helped me battle terrible self-esteem issues) on my blog I’m trying to combat that idea šŸ˜€

      I think that people feel attracted to fall scheme colours possibly because they see the beautiful fall colours around them? I don’t know šŸ˜€

      • Yeah, there’s nothing really wrong with dressing for others. I mean, like I said clothing is a public presentation, and people have different things they want to present to others and clothing is a great signifier for that. Even when you’re wearing things ‘for yourself’ you are still projecting an image to others, even if that image is ‘I don’t dress for you.’ Hah, that got confusing. But GAH the dressing for men thing infuriates me but we’ve already gone into that topic before haven’t we, hahah. I was talking to one of my friends just yesterday about this since we were discussing “the New Girl” and how even though the two of us dress pretty feminine and not really sexy there are still stereotypes associated with that (see Manic Pixie Dream Girl) so even not dressing sexy doesn’t save you from that assumption.

        I really like to hear about how and why people make their clothing choices. It’s really fascinating to me. I’m also glad it helped you with your self esteem. Feeling good in your clothes is really the most important thing (although I sometimes forget that).

        It often seems in my experience that people think fall and winter = dark colors, and that’s it. Fall, to me, is actually quite bright, especially its oranges and reds. Snow, too, is not at all dark and dreary to me. The light that reflects off of fresh snow is amazingly blinding. I think it’s fun to bring those sorts of colors to your wardrobe. And especially since fall and winter can lead to seasonal depression and the like, I think wearing something bright can help cheer people up just a little. But then I’ll also wear all black and white with thigh high socks in the middle of summer when brights are supposed to be in, so I may just be weird anyway.

  • Awww-the skirt came out fantastic šŸ˜€ plus i see the return of the cat cardigan! Liking the new layout too-kewwwwwt!

  • I love your jumper ~ knitwear with cats on them are always perfect, I have a stripey jumper with a cat wearing a necklace that always makes me smile.
    Great effort on the skirt too, it was well worth it in the end!

  • Hiya! I am starting a website for teen fashion bloggers. The staff are all teen fashion bloggers and I was wondering if you would like to join and write articles for it! I know that there is HARDLY ANY INFO AT ALL here but I don’t want to tell the world the address as the site isn’t ready. Email me at for more info!
    Thab=nks so much love your blog x

    • Thank you so much for the offer, Dayzee, but I am twenty-three years old, hah šŸ˜€

  • Wow just found your blog and it is so cute! I love your outfits! You are so stylish!

    Have a great weekend!
    love from

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