Shark Attack!

I finally caved and got some SWANclothing sock garters. And I am so happy I did! Thing is, I’ve had garters before and they were incredibly uncomfortable to me. Not only because of the cheap lace and the fact that I was unable to figure out what to do with all the claps but they just kept falling off. Once upon a time I was walking during the busiest times, in the busiest street, on my way to school and the whole crap fell off like I was giving birth to Satan’s lace. I was not happy (and missed class). So anyway, I really wanted these because they’re just so adorable and custom fit! Yayyy!! 😀

Oh also:

Either how, I am leaving for a school trip today. Just an fyi, I won’t be around till upcoming weekend. We’re going to this Japanese garden (sadly, still in Belgium hah) and we’re going to learn about the Japanese thee ceremony, we’ll learn old Japanese ink/paint/whatever technique etc. etc.! I’m totally psyched since I’ve had an avid interest in old Japanese culture since I was a kid (thanks to Matisse & the impressionists yay heroes) now and this is the closest I’m going to get in a while! Hurrah! I am going to dress SPORTY! And wear RUGSACKS! Can’t wait! 😀


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