sleep of reason produces monsters


Wearing W&LT over W&LT hehe. I love these pants; I couldn’t resist the good eBay deal I got on it. dotCOMME would’ve sold it for ten times the amount. But if anyone is up for it, this dress still needs to find its way to my wardrobe, thank you.

I was wondering the other day; the plethora of pants I’ve been finding, have I been finding them after years finally, randomly, or is it because my butt has shrunk due to recent weight loss because of stress? Am I ever to be reunited with my old butt again? I am loving my cheekbones though.


pants: W&LT by Walter Van Beirendonck found via eBay, shirt: gift (also second hand), bra: la fille d’O, sweater: W&LT by Walter Van Beirendonck found on a local second hand website

Anyway though, the other day I went out to a party for the first time in Y E A R S. A gay party naturally, because straight parties just make me feel like I’m on display. I got out in my casual studying outfit, and to my own (dumb) surprise, my cuteness was such a hit. I was casually whispering with my friend over how hot this one girl was in the coatroom, and almost as soon as we stepped on the dancefloor she said hi to me and was so cute but I was so flabbergasted she came up to me I didn’t know what to say. Should’ve asked her to dance, damn it! I think I also got cast for a movie somehow, hehe. Lots of gay men were in love with my braids, telling me I looked like a fairy tale. Thank you, bye.


There came a point were someone just grabbed my braids, something I completely expect during a party because people are terrible when drunk, but my friends got so offended in my place, they moved me to a dancing spot clearer of jerks and booed the dude. (I hit him.) My friends are truly amazing.

I usually hate parties, but this was ok! I’ve now had enough for a couple of more years though. Too much attention, too much bad music, too much terrible alcohol. Lots of cute girls but I have the internet for that — boop!

Here’s a pic of my crotch, I just wanna try to show you the fabric though, not zoom in on my crotch, I’m sorry.


Hey why not have a pic of my butt also? You’re welcome.


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