So tough

H&M has some really amazingly awful treasures this season! Check out the colour on this dress! (Also ignore the stain, it’s just water remnants from trying to get rid of some ink stains.)

I mean, I just had to have this. Will H&M ever again make the mistake of dying dresses this awful absolutely amazingly neon orange blinding colour which no one would want to own but me? I think not. So I reaped my chance! 😀

Seriously though, I can’t help but absolutely love this. Aside from this appalling yet amazing colour it flows really nicely and it’s perfect for a hot summer. No sticky cotton! Easy to put on and off for swimming trips! Breezes breeze right up under my dress and cool off my body. POCKETS! Yay!

And this is my inexplicably random hairdo for the day. I was sort of thinking Rayanne meets Princess Leila, but I’ve sort of failed.


  • That colour is awesome! Crazy, but awesome. This is the type of stuff that makes me happy that we don’t have H&M in our town… I try to avoid H&M from an ideological standpoint, but dresses like this one would make me weak in the knees. 🙂

    • Actually, H&M has been doing a pretty great ethical job the past couple of years. Though the employers still earn just the minimum wage in their country and other things are still far from perfect, they’re showing the right attitude. Plus, many countries argue that this truly helps their economy.

      Aside from that you could also argue that H&M blatantly steals high fashion designs but once again I think this is a good thing. Because of this the gap between rich and middle class (and sometimes even poor people) gets vaguer. Used to be that only actually beautiful clothes were only available for the highest class. I think it’s a very good thing that it’s less noticeable now, it’s easier to get a proper job for poorer people etc., it’s easier to pretend something you’re not.

      All in all chain stores can have dubious ethics but there’s always good sides to them too.

      Though naturally I’d prefer shopping only thrifted clothing mixed in with some independent designers in theory, this isn’t feasible in practice for me right now. I can’t afford proper independent designs yet I still need some “decent” clothes that remain hard to find in thift stores and the like.

  • Hey Eline, I kind of love that dress and I love your hair. I think I agree with you on your stance on H&M.. it’s a tricky thing to figure out where one stands with regards to these ‘fast fashion’ chains. I read this awful article in Vogue once about how evil places like Walmart are–but instead of actually addressing the ways in which cheaply made clothing from Walmart impacts the workers in Southeast Asian countries and blah blah blah, it was all about how you should really invest in a $19,000 cashmere sweater because it’ll last at least 100 wears and be worth it in the end, and I thought: ARE YOU KIDDING. What person who makes minimum wage could possibly do this? And I realized that there are both very valid reasons to be against these chain stores, but not even if the reason comes from elitism and snobbery and the desire to only allow the rich to look fashionable and have access to well-made clothing! If that makes any sense. I like your ethics when it comes to shopping and clothing–they always make me examine mine a little too.


    PS: Thank you for the camera advice. I think I got the Canon XSi!!!!!!!! It’s coming in the mail soon…

    • Yeah, there simply doesn’t seem to be one whole good or one whole bad thing about the ethics of chain store shopping. Though H&M and the like have done some bad things in the past I think it’s incredibly privileged to be able to say ‘I chose not to buy at H&M out of principle’ and judge people who do (though I don’t believe The Waves is judging anyone here – I’ve had a lot of experience with faux hippies who hypocritically judged me and other H&M-shopping peers while they could afford to spend 300+ Euro on one piece of clothing).

      Me thinking about clothing & shopping is all thanks to my mum who continues to question my shopping habits and love of fashion, really! 😀

      Yay for the Canon Rebel! 😀

  • Oooh I ADORE the shape. I love clothes that are easy for swim trips too :D. Generally, it’s pretty amazing!

    Totally agree Re: H&M. Did you see that recent ANTM ep where they were all ‘OMG Knock-offs KILL THE FASHION INDUSTRY!!’ and being totally self-righteous about it? Aaah, good times.

    • The shape kind of reminds me of the red dress Yuki wears in the video for Power of Love! 😀

      Yeah, I saw that one. It’s amazing how ANTM just keeps on being more and more ridiculous with each episode. Just when you think there’s no way they could ever make themselves look even more foolish they go right ahead and do a “sexual” photoshoot with sheep, hahah.

  • The dress looks so comfortable! and it has POCKETS. *_* I wish I could write down more, but I’m so tired. My brother woke me up around 5 A.M. :C

  • Awh, i love the shape of the dress – and the nice big pockets 😀 and and your hair is really sweet.

    Completely agree with what you’re saying about H&M too-glad your blog discusses it!

    Plus-am i right in thinking your post title is from The Slits song!? Hehe, i love them!

  • Highlighter orange & purple together= <3
    And I really like how you did your hair too! 😀

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