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I love how these turned out! I don’t really ever truly like my outfit pics but these some sort of vintage vibe and the colours are wonderful. The colours were born while I was trying to get rid of the yellow light in my room…Then there was also this one, in which I wanted to show my makeup… Sorta…. Also sorta 90s. Love it. In the second pic below you can also see my earrings that often look like strings of hair on the other pics. Kind of…. “found” them ahem…. will probably permanently loan them, I love them & it’s fun twirling the metal strings round your fingers. Oh and the most beautiful of all, is that they reach til uhh…. the….. you know the bones below your neck? I am tired but my memory is also a cheap sieve. Anyways that looks hot when I wear a sleeveless dress. If you wish you can scrutiny every detail a lil larger. All pics are clickable and should point to a bigger file.













Anyway: dress from a secret treasure & earrings too, shoes were a gift and my jacket was second hand.

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