dress: vintage jaeger, cardigan: second hand, boots: gift/second hand, coat: killah

If you’re my age or older you may have wondered already how exactly do I give off the allure of a real person and not a cartoon character? Clearly, I don’t mind being ridiculous but in order to eat I need a job so I’ve been trying my best to tone down while still trying to keep my own true self, originality and creativity in tact (translated in my clothing) which can be a positive trait in job searches in my eyes. I try to balance my clothing madness with Real Life Person acceptability. It’s a hard line and I don’t think I succeed very much but here’s to nothing anyway everyday.

In my earliest interviews I felt so awkward I could hardly move and just laugh at my ridiculous lack of real life personality and qualifications. I tried to pose as stifled as I’ve often felt here. Strangely, it doesn’t look very different of other outfit photos? Hey, that’s just sad. I’m nodding my head in my own disapproval and patting my back for emotional support. One day I’ll be a person.


  • Ah yes, “dressing the part.” Kind of sucks but I love your take on it! I’m glad you haven’t lost yourself to the corporate shuffle.

    I don’t get to dress up much anymore since I have to wear specific pieces of clothing to my job for the most part. I’ve been injecting more of my true self through my hair than my clothes lately. Bosses don’t seem to mind if I show up in curled pigtails. Who knew?

  • this struggle is something i relate to on such a huge level. echoing ann’s comments, if it offers you any consolation, now that i’ve been steadily working as a journalist at the same place for about two years i’m now not as shy about wearing more “out there” outfits as i was at the start. my colleagues compliment me on my outfits on the days where i feel like i’m dressing most “myself.” it would be easier to simply wear a white dress shirt and black pants but it wouldn’t be me.

    and now i’m even getting to work on stories about fashion, because people know i am interested in both the sartorial and serious substance behind it. i hope you find a great job and a great fit eline! good luck!

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