summer POP!

A moodboard feels kinda ’08, no? But I felt like making one! I want my summer to be filled with bold, clashing and bright patterns, a little mix of black&white, some kick ass clunky shoes (clunky as in seemingly awkward but designed to perfection) and some poppy, kid-like cuteness like a food-shaped tiny bag! It feels very busy and that’s exactly how I want to be.


Details: ✿ Romwe pinapple bag ✿ Eley Kishimoto over-the-knee socks ✿ Marimekko Unikko fabric ✿ vintage dress via etsy (sold out) ✿ Minna Parikka shoes ✿

So different from my earlier self I can now enjoy looking at clothing anywhere anytime just for fun and for purely aesehtic reasons without truly wanting it for myself. Probably it’s because my wardrobe is pretty great already, partly maybe it’s because I’m incredibly broke and constantly in debt. Whatever the case, I can see clothes in shops as art in a gallery and it’s wonderful!

Some other stuff that fits these vibes and that I’m super into:


More Marimekko! I am definitely officially a Marimekko fangirl and I firmly believe I should become their poster girl, don’t you agree?


House of Holland dress with perfect colours and pattern mix, currently on sale @!


Wonderful and cute banana print, finished off with bright yellow fringes! By Laurel & Hector, my latest brand crush! They’re gonna do a Marimekko collab soon, I’m gonna faint when it comes out!!


Two cute etsy finds! A Marimekko strawberry fields print jacket and wonderful yellow 70s Mary Janes!


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