Sweety, darling!

Meadham Kirchhoff spring summer 2012 collection is giving me some serious fashion flashbacks from Absolutely Fabulous’ Bubble. Coincidentally (or maybe I’m recognising Bubble consequentially) I’ve only recently rewatched and capped everything but season 1 (couldn’t find my dvd ;_;) which conveniently, I’ve already capped years ago with an obnoxious font plastered all over them. It’s not all about Bubble though, I also really love Eddie’s closet a whole lot. It’s kind of ironic how I love the outfits of a character whose whole shtick is making fun of people in the fashion industry that wear ludicrous garish clothes.

As always, click the photos for bigger images (sorry, I really hate the trend of HUGE images on blogs but maybe I’m just thinking from a perspective of someone with a terrible internet connection).

I am so exited for the new episodes, too! Will Eddie Twitter, facebook, will she have a blog? Maybe she’s Youtube famous? There’s so many new ridiculous possibilities for self-promotion that Eddie will love!


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