dress: second hand, sweater: gift/Sonia Rykiel, shoes: Martin Margiela/second hand

Today’s comfy uhhhh study outfit! I wore shoes while studying today because ahh I just got these today!! I’ve been wanting Martin Margiela tabi boots for what seems like my whole life. At 19-ish I’ve started stalking second hand website and monitoring prices, as they are 600 to 800 euros store-bought. I’ve found that local Belgian sites have some gems hidden and that’s where I got these! They’re a little beat up already but in all honestly I love tabis a little beat up. Only till a short while ago tabis used to go on sale twice a year for about 30 to 40% discount but lately they haven’t. I got all antsy and nervous and was, like, what if they don’t ever go on sale again?? Which to be fair, seeing as these are considered iconic, seems like a sound business practice. This I have been repeating over and over to literally just about anyone I’ve ever had a conversation with so I figured it’s really time I gave my friends and my heart some peace and buy these. And so I did.

I love them!! I love the exact kind of soft leather they use so they get a little, what I call soggy, like the cotton socks they are based off. I love the silhouette, and the little clasp mechanism like Japanese tabi socks. I would also like these in red, white and yellow, please. Also, the seller gave this nice sweater by Sonia Rykiel as a freebie! Nice.

I am at peace now. Lay me to rest with my tabis when I die.

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