Rainy day women

As a mourning method for not getting the pink cherry-printed A-line 60s influenced raincoat I’ve been dreaming about for months I’m going to post my favourite raingear! I’ve loved raingear obsessively since I joined Poupée Girl and fell in love with the bluntly cute shapes, poppy colours and shiny, awful fabrics. My favourite IRL non-pixelated raingear stems from 60s mod fashion, and most especially those designs of the ever fabulous Mary Quant.

Girls girls girls

Summer’s here and that calls for a reminiscing of 60s girl groups, because basically they’re the best. The happy, poppy naiveté and its idealism is definitely what attracts most people to the mood of the 60s (and I’d venture to say also repels others…), but personally I also love how there’s a whole group of people working together to make the most singular catchy tunes and mixes them with corny teendream lyrics. But also: the […]