COLOR colours

One tumblr writing prompt I got was to write about colours. First of all, duh, why didn’t I think of this, and second of all YES PERFECT THANK YOU. You have definitely noticed I love colour. I love colour so much I did my bachelor paper on it for art school (combined with Entfremdung, another fave subject of mine – the link’s Dutch, sorry). I didn’t realise this love for a long time though, but […]

the story of an evolving wardrobe colour aeshetic

Ever since I saw the Miu Miu fw collection of 2010 I was struck by an important revelation: black combined with bright colours, when done well, is really damn good. Almost Goddess-like, it’s is meant for heaven and hell descents and ascents. It’s is otherworldly good. But seemingly unattainable for me. This is the collection that gave me a revelation, but I really want to research this important colour combo so please hit me up […]

animal forest

I think I forgot to mention I am selling this print at my etsy shop. It’s one of my personal favourites because it’s the only thing I’ve made this past year that turned out the way I wanted to and that had actually made me happy despite being in the biggest illustrative pit of despair at the time. Yay for animals and colours and weird plants. I’ve also added some stickers! Check it all out, […]

esthetic aesthetics

Last summer I worked at an exhibition that was closed off to anyone over the tender age of sixteen and held works by famous and infamous artists alike. Whoever came in had the option to buy and show their love to the work they appreciated most. Most guests were between six and eleven. On my first day I thought, ‘finally, someone wants to purposefully overlook or research the aesthetics we were taught were good and […]

Rainy day women

As a mourning method for not getting the pink cherry-printed A-line 60s influenced raincoat I’ve been dreaming about for months I’m going to post my favourite raingear! I’ve loved raingear obsessively since I joined Poupée Girl and fell in love with the bluntly cute shapes, poppy colours and shiny, awful fabrics. My favourite IRL non-pixelated raingear stems from 60s mod fashion, and most especially those designs of the ever fabulous Mary Quant.

Teenage apocalypse

I watched Nowhere by Gregg Araki some months ago and was kinda amaaaazed at the perfect 90s vibe of the MTV’s nihilist generation paired with super sweet and super cruel tweens all wearing fabulous outfits, all in this weird tale of trivial tweenagedom with some light trippy sci-fi and the cruelty of life. Aka the perfect thing for this/a blog. I planned to make this post aaaages ago but then I’d somehow misplaced the stills […]