DIY sailor school girl collar

I love the idea of this Japanese versus American school girl aeshetic of Jenny Fax’s latest collection. So I decided to make my own hybrid collar! All you need for this is an old sweater or cardigan, some scissors, a sewing machine or needle and thread and, if you so desire, some embroidering things. I used some wool and a big needle for the latter part because when I say ’embroider’ I just mean sew […]


Okay, this is officially my last ~ altering bad purchases ~ post, because I’m sick of it. I only have a few things left I want to get done. One day though! One day. Shoes: Dr. Martens, socks:, everything else: second hand, scarf: a fabulous gift. I totally loved this dress since the minute I saw it. The fabric is such a gorgeous colour and print and it’s really thick and qualitative, too. But it […]

Breathless Beauxillous griffin

shoes: vintage Mary Quant found on eBay, dress and cardigan: second hand, socks: gift/antipast Possibly due to several blogs/tumblrs, especially Sarah Deetz and cultpartykei, I’ve become obsessed with nightwear so I totes had to buy this one which screamed out to me just hanging there all dainty and perfect for two euro. I bought it despite the fact that I hated the top, which reminded me of what I guess to be Romani-inspired blouses that […]


The other day I felt awful, so I decided to sew tiny faces on my socks. And then I sewed a skirt. And then I decided to make Pissy Faces in these photos, because, according to many, that’s what I excel at. This next one is my Normal Face. To many it is a Face of arrogance, rudeness, aloofness and being mean. But I’m actually a Kinda Nice Person (sometimes)! But anyway, I totally have […]