I am super P S Y C H E D about this tulle dress I made this weekend! It was so easy to make so I drew some instructions. As a side note: you could make this dress in any fabric (though I’d recommend a heavier fabric or tulle like mine because some jersey would fall flat and the silhouette wouldn’t be as wide, but if you prefer that you should go for it!) And […]

How to make dresses without any real talent or patterns

So I was reading Tavi’s plea for an equivalent of Sassy magazine & her longing for DIY stuff and it occurred to me that I should’ve posted how I made my salopette dress the other day. Because, face it; blogs are the new Sassy. A magazine is a platform funded by the fashion and advertising industry which means that it has to romanticise consumption. So why are we waiting for a (non-independent) magazine to pop […]