me listening to Blow; it’s almost sacriligious to post selfies when talking about Beyoncé, but there’s so many good looks and stills to choose from her album I just couldn’t choose!! Who has been crying over the goodness that is Beyoncé’s visual album? Not gonna, lie I was completely teary-eyed after I marathonned them all. You can watch them here, but if you have the money I really feel you should buy it. Usually I […]


I’m currently reading A History of Their Own and I’m really enjoying reading about kick ass women I’ve somehow never heard of, re-reading about kick ass women I have heard of and reading about a lot of female stereotypes that started with written history and are still living strong today. But also about traditionally female exploits. Making a home with children and a husband is pretty much farthest away from my interests but female traditions […]

Antifeminist frills

Ed Meadham Kirchoff about the SS12 collection of Meadham Kirchhoff: “Something that’s lovely and sweet and antifeminist -about taking all the things that little girls are taught are beautiful and pretty from and early age- and destroying and celebrating them at the same time” (via vogue.com) The girly and hyper feminine, soft aesthetic is something I obviously have undying love for as my years of fashion exploits have taught me, but how do I combine […]

Life’s a gas

I recently started my summer job as a museum supervisor. Though it’s undeniably dull, I kind of love it because basically I’m getting paid to pace around beautiful objects, stare at people, read and sit. It’s strangely tiring though so I might forget to regularly post and comment. I am currently also pretty ill so basically I should have no energy left but I kind of want to take my time for a little rant […]