Hair Tales

I haven’t used commercial shampoo, body wash or any other beauty product in almost a year, and I feel very passionate about it, so I figure I’d better make a post about it. I don’t mean in anyway to convert you to my anti-capitalist beauty ideology so even if you use shampoo and other stuff you can still learn some really cheap beauty tips out of this! I recommend your try it if you’re interested […]


Everything is second hand Wearing this outfit I hate myself that I am reminded the inescapable discussion on Lana Del Rey’s authenticity, or rather her lack of. Because, yeah, musicians are always authentic and in no way have they ever cashed in on playing with ideas of authenticity and identity, and in no way does a musician’s persona change overnight ever, right? This era is the era of authenticity in which no one online cultivates […]

The way it goes

Shoes: some place in Switzerland, tights: IDK, bottom skirt: hand-made, everything else second hand. This August I finally quit shampoo and opted for that infamous baking soda and applce cider vinegar method due to being obnoxiously green, obviously. Since then I’ve pretty much slapped anything and nothing on my hair and I love it especially because I get to say the most ludicrious things like ‘I think I’ll wash my hair with bread next’ and […]

Dance the cha-cha through till sunrise!

AUGH I AM SO LAZY. This is the silhouette I’ve been enjoying with this week. I’ve several outfits based on this shape but as laziness protrudes my body and mind I forgot to take photos Also, this is my favourite anyway. As you can see I’m absolutely sick of my hair. I want to dye it badly but I’ve a feeling I’ll regret it because my natural hair has never showed this much. I thought […]