a beast in your head

I’ve been wearing a lot of (terribly) hand-made stuff lately, like this dress which I made together with a friend last summer in the middle of the night, way past a sober state. I remember we couldn’t make sense of the dress any more and kept laughing at how stupid we were. But when I finally put it on it looked pretty cute and I still have no idea how we did it! We’re magical, […]


The other day I felt awful, so I decided to sew tiny faces on my socks. And then I sewed a skirt. And then I decided to make Pissy Faces in these photos, because, according to many, that’s what I excel at. This next one is my Normal Face. To many it is a Face of arrogance, rudeness, aloofness and being mean. But I’m actually a Kinda Nice Person (sometimes)! But anyway, I totally have […]