Hara-kiri bow wow

I’m on a dress making rollll! I made this yellow creature on a whim sometime this week when I felt like wearing a babydoll dress. I’ve been wanting to make something like this for ages but never succeeded because I never had enough fabric. This time I just bought a massive bed sheet and decided to use as much fabric as possible and I think I succeeded in making the dress I’ve wanted for so […]

How to make dresses without any real talent or patterns

So I was reading Tavi’s plea for an equivalent of Sassy magazine & her longing for DIY stuff and it occurred to me that I should’ve posted how I made my salopette dress the other day. Because, face it; blogs are the new Sassy. A magazine is a platform funded by the fashion and advertising industry which means that it has to romanticise consumption. So why are we waiting for a (non-independent) magazine to pop […]

Dream come true

This is what I wore last night to a friend’s birthday party to chase cats, almost fall asleep by the end of the night and then impulsively decide to go snooping in my friend’s old house. And when I say old, I mean dust-covered fabulously creaky old house where we ended up going OHMYGODOHMYGOD with every little thing we saw and spent far too much time admiring Barbies and Tamagotchis. I totally snagged a Tamagotchi […]

Dance the cha-cha through till sunrise!

AUGH I AM SO LAZY. This is the silhouette I’ve been enjoying with this week. I’ve several outfits based on this shape but as laziness protrudes my body and mind I forgot to take photos Also, this is my favourite anyway. As you can see I’m absolutely sick of my hair. I want to dye it badly but I’ve a feeling I’ll regret it because my natural hair has never showed this much. I thought […]

Don’t sew bee-lines to anybody’s hide

Last night I met this guy who tried chatting me up and as he remarked I looked like Minnie Mouse that night he suddenly and excitedly asked me if I wanted to see his Micky Mouse! I was all, err no?, obviously thinking he was referring to his penis. He made some swift moves so I was getting ready to avert my eyes (you never know these days) but in the end he jerked up […]

Fluffy times

Yesterday I attended the awesomeness that is Craft Day, something my friends and I have organised and been trying to plan for quite some time now. At first it was only going to be three of us, then four and suddenly we were with seven. Fun times! I managed to make a cat bag for my MacBook! I call him Oscar and I am proud of its creepiness. My head went spinning when I realised […]