People under seventy and over seven are very unreliable if they are not cats.

My morning tempers often transcend into day tempers and eventually in unadulterated pure magical hatred towards the mere existence of other human organisms if left untreated. I remember walking down the isle of a supermarket (true — a really dreadful place to be) and seeing someone standing right in the middle where I couldn’t pass. What this person did, this defiant act of just standing, got under my nails and skin and right through my […]


Two days in a row I’d recently read Anna Kavan books, and two nights in a row I had wicked nightmares. First it was a feverish dream of brutally killing unreal-dummy people I felt a harsh alienation to, slicing open their neck, blood gushing all over, in a terribly disaffected mood. Then I was pregnant. That should be enough to freak me out, but upon realising there was a person growing inside of me I […]

You imagined, you invented.

Shoes: neosens Socks: Everything else: second hand I’m currently reading Anaïs Nin’s journals and after being a bit sceptic at first, I am becoming increasingly intrigued by Nin. Her writing sometimes seemed overly embellished (though that’s not the right word, maybe ‘pretty’ is?) and occasionally false to me, but after fifty odd pages I started realising that’s exactly what typifies Anaïs Nin’s character, she wants to please so much. She does it by sensuous […]

Love Hangover

I don’t really have anything to say but look at this dress! I rediscovered it lying between a pile of clothes that needed to be mended. I remember I found this on the flee market in this old dusty, treasure-like chest and it was literally stuck together of all the dirt and dust but I just knew that as soon as I’d washed it, it’d be fabulous. Sadly though it had tears all over and […]