nigeru mono

Hiya hiya hiya HIYAAAAA! I’m so psyched today! I’ve been a terrible annoyance lately because I’ve been subconsciously really stressed about my grades, but today I got them and it was the best I’d hoped for, even more; i got some actualy GOOD grades too! Yay! BLESS. Bless all of my internet spaces and everyone who reads them; I’m finally gonna stop whining about it. Let that be it. Let school rest for a while […]


jacket: gift/thrifted sonia rykiel, dress: old old old h&m, socks: i think i found them in a friend’s app??, shoes:borrowed, Important moment in my personal sartorial history; I was told all-black wasn’t necessary for work anyway yet I still showed up in all black. Because I like it. There is something soothing about clear dress codes for work too; I can never go over the top (according to others) without realising it. You always fit […]