Girls girls girls

Summer’s here and that calls for a reminiscing of 60s girl groups, because basically they’re the best. The happy, poppy naiveté and its idealism is definitely what attracts most people to the mood of the 60s (and I’d venture to say also repels others…), but personally I also love how there’s a whole group of people working together to make the most singular catchy tunes and mixes them with corny teendream lyrics. But also: the […]


An outfit I wore to fangirl over colour all day and be super-enthused my school is allowing me such art fangirling and even pushing me to write a paper about it. Yay for being an art student! 😀 Today I’d also very much like to share some music-related fangirling to you. I’ve been wanting to do this FOREVER. Or, you know, literally like eighteen months. This perfectly illustrates my laziness because I’d very much prefer […]

Sugar Me

So! December happened in which a general holiday lethargy ensued and I just largely forgot about the internet (aside from tumblr of course). Waves of intense sluggishness are still swallowing me as is nicely apparent in this outfit in which I am totally, finally throwing overboard all the notions of “flattering silhouettes” my teenage self had, and patting myself on the back for it while warmly embracing a rare kind of laziness. I may or […]

There’s nothing not to love about me

Soooo! My last week of school is over and so I’d been incredibly busy these past couple of days. I’ll need a lot of time recovering from sleep deprivation I’m sure. Seeing as I’ve had no time to dress up in a while the strangest thing happened to me: when I opened my closet to look somewhat decently in from of my jury this Thursday, it was like opening a mystical door to a long […]

Yuki, part 2

I was going to do an outfit post because I still have one new super duper cute dress to show but seeing as I haven’t been able to sleep in over two weeks my face looks like it’s melting, my hair is tangled up so horribly bad it looks like a birds nest and in all honesty I’m just way too damn lazy. (Also been neglecting my commenting, so sorry for that too sigh.) So! […]


Sorry for the lack of activity here. I’ve been incredibly lazy this past week. I wish I could say it were a good lazy like ‘I was so busy studying that all I wanted to do in my spare time was nap’-lazy, or ‘I had worked so much the past few weeks that all I wanted to do was watch Buffy’-lazy but really I’ve mainly been lazing about goallessly and drinking various sorts of champagne […]

Love und Romance

First of all: LEOPARD PRINTED ANKLE SKIRT. This is what I wore to be intensely bored at school and later on to drunkenly measure my facial features at a party and realise I have a FREAKISHLY TINY HEAD. I mean, I knew I was little but not Lilliputianly small! Speaking of LiLiPUT, it is Spring and therefore once again time for New Wave Post Punk girl bands yayy! So I set out to look for […]

I eat kleenex for breakfast and use soft hygienic weetabix to dry my tears

Ah, it’s been almost a week since I’ve updated and I didn’t even realise it! I’ve been pretty busy for school: my deadline is Wednesday so I’ve been extraordinarily focussed on working and I’ve left the internet aside mostly. Which is strange because, you know, how else do I procrastinate? By eating chocolate. Anyway since thinking is a thing of the past at this moment here’s an outfit. This is what I’ve been wearing (or […]

Boys with sunshine faces

I’ve been listening to late 80s and early 90s shoegaze and other alt rock with noise walls and vague lyrics and voices. This apparently translates itself into plaid with me. While actually this is what most ethereal rock it looks like according to their videos (check out Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine): Also, I was recently tagged by the lovely pennycones to make a list of things I’d like to see fulfilled by the time […]

Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren

“She was like a bright peacock, a walking traffic light, though she never thought herself as beautiful.” – Malcom McLaren on Vivienne Westwood. No wonder I love her. Not only is she the most intensely fierce woman I can think of, she also has the creativity of a God (well, in my world). Vivienne Westwood started with then-partner Malcolm McLaren, making Anti-fashion from 1971 to 1983. They created provocative T-shirts with fascist quotes scrawled upon […]