Jenny’s in a bad mood

Battling negative views about yourself can be absolutely draining, because in no way is it easy and maybe it’s even impossible sometimes but that’s okay. You should take the time to recharge and care for yourself. dress: second hand, fluorescent sports socks: Kipsta, seriously worn out shoes: Neosens Last month I set the goal to live on a ridiculously small budget and it caused me a lot of grief and stress so when I found […]


cardigan: fornarina, shoes: sonia rykiel for h&m, skirt: hand-made, shirt: second hand Outfit & make-up & shoes as self-care because vanity is nothing to be apologetic about. I have been wearing these shoes all day yesterday and today inside to convince myself I can handle rocking horse shoes as daily wear. These are twelve centimetres high and the shoes I am eyeing are 7,5 centimetres so I could definitely handle them, right? Too bad that […]