cardigan: Fornarina, belt: H&M, dress: second hand, socks: Fräulein Prusselise, shoes: Dr. Martens New shoes; gift from my mom, yay! I’ve come to love Dr. Martens shoes so much. They are very comfortable, incredibly durable and have a cute/dorky/hip style that I love, all of which is important for someone perpetually broke and clumsy. They last and last and last and though they get scuffed it seems to match the typical Dr. Martens style. They […]

Fly me to the moon

It may have been my being absolutely and wholly broke, or an increasing tendency to eat, you know, actual food instead of ramen, or more admiringly a disgust in my own shopping habits but in May I made a personal pledge to not buy anything non-edible for a month. In the case of the latter, I felt pretty awful about this sort of undying urge to get shiny, new stuff, no matter what. And I […]