✩ F R I E N D S ✩

Feeling feverish and hot-tempered and very emotional over THINGS right now so here is a wishlist that I deserve but will never get ::sheep:: . Every once in a while I’m like what’s Eley Kishimoto doing this season? and then I cry. ::broken:: ::drops:: ::bomb::

Ironclad mermaid

I am so so busy right now and will be for some weeks to come, so I don’t have time to catch up on comments etc. Sorry! But here’s an outfit I wore to a dress-up party. The theme was ‘comic book heroes & fairy tales’, but I don’t really like either of those and all I really wanted to do was wear this kick ass crown someone once left at my place. First I […]


The other day I felt awful, so I decided to sew tiny faces on my socks. And then I sewed a skirt. And then I decided to make Pissy Faces in these photos, because, according to many, that’s what I excel at. This next one is my Normal Face. To many it is a Face of arrogance, rudeness, aloofness and being mean. But I’m actually a Kinda Nice Person (sometimes)! But anyway, I totally have […]

Precious pony, precious panda

The other day I wanted to wear an outfit with with over the knee socks, yet sadly I didn’t have any. So I went out and tried to find some here in this confusing mini-metropolis (not really) but only found one store in which they sold socks that weren’t 40CHF a pop (painful) and of course they did not have the over the knees I so longed for. Naturally I googled socks when I got […]