technicolor pop

This outfit had such a bad rep on the streets, except with groups of children who in turn pointed at me while smiling or sat themselves in front of me staring serenely. I don’t like children, but I appreciate their sense of aesthetics so I consider this outfit successful.

Also, so so obsessed with this jacket which seems straight out of a 90s, 70s inspired Barbie’s wardrobe? I got this for one euro ahhhhhh! At sight I thought it would be too big for me, but it turns out it’s perfect and then all was right in the world.

This has been the soundtrack of my life these past three days. Can you sense the colour influence?


  • omg you look like daphne from scooby doo (well if your dress was purple) seriously. this is probably my favorite outfit of yours ever. omg.

  • Those yellow knee socks and your pink hair. You look like a cartoon character, in the absolute BEST way possible.

  • Lovely outfit and I also really like your blog (this is my first time leaving a comment here!). I also love reading your longer posts with your thoughts on books and various subjects, it makes your outfits all the more interesting as well. But I’ve just got to ask, don’t your feet get cold? Or is it spring already where you live? 😀

    • Aw thank you so much! 😀 Haha, no after a couple of really really cold weeks it’s now like 10 degrees Celsius every day and it feels super warm, especially because I am SUPER EXCITED to be able to wear knee socks again! But also weird fact: after years and years of wearing short skirts cold doesn’t really get to my legs so as long as either my upper body or feet are warm I feel all right.

  • WOW YOUR HAIR! Haha, wasn’t expecting that, it looks so cool 😮 it’s so bright and pretty! You look like a doll from the 70s, especially with the big chunky zipper pull rings-now google is calling me over to spend the whole afternoon looking at 70s dolls.
    Oh and i mixed that video up with Grimes and The Tales of Hoffman directed by Powell and Pressburger, tecnicolour dream!

  • I’m a secret fan of your blog 🙂 and I can’t believe that you have the corage to go out with such a bright palete of colours. I wish I could do that!
    My city, Montevideo is so gray, I pray to see colorfull people like you walking down the streets.

    And for sleeping (about your newest post) try to make a lot, A LOT of exercise during the day, it works every time.

    • Aw, thank you! The secret to going out and wearing whatever I want is truly not giving a damn + being incredibly oblivious to one’s surroundings 😀
      My city is quite colourful occasionally though! I feel lucky in that aspect for sure.
      Thanks, I shall try it if I manage not to be lazy one day.

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