Teenage apocalypse

I watched Nowhere by Gregg Araki some months ago and was kinda amaaaazed at the perfect 90s vibe of the MTV’s nihilist generation paired with super sweet and super cruel tweens all wearing fabulous outfits, all in this weird tale of trivial tweenagedom with some light trippy sci-fi and the cruelty of life. Aka the perfect thing for this/a blog. I planned to make this post aaaages ago but then I’d somehow misplaced the stills I’d made and forgot about it. Gregg Araki is a self-professed ‘homo film maker’ and deals with queerness in a way that expresses this awesome quintessential zeitgeist of the tween generation with in this kind of non-annoying kooky way with strangely endearing characters dealing with some real issues in a light-hearted way which of course shows us how this past generation has dealt with things. I’ve yet to see his later films though! But I think it’s safe to say I am already in love. It’s kind of like Clueless paired with Party Monster, combined with some vibes of My So Called Life and then some but then again it’s nothing like those things at all either, it is so much more with some cute people and outfits thrown in. Anyway, these are all stills from his trilogy ‘Teenage Apocalyse’.


SO MUCH LOVE for Christina Appelgate in this film! She rocks those braces like nobody else could.

Nowhere was my favourite of this bunch, The Doom Generation was cool but very cruel at the end, Totally Fucked Up feels as if Araki hadn’t yet found its niche.


  • I love him. I wondered what had happened to him. Missed his sort of mainstream film, and can’t remember its name. But now he has a new film out, and of course I can’t remember the name! But read a write-up and it sounds so great. His energy was so (or is?) angry and kind of different. Like he just let things fall apart, as in reality. I am describing this so badly. The feeling is sort of like Harmony Korinne. But looks different. I think I should just watch something of his, this is the worse description I have ever given of anything :S

  • So inspiring, as always! I must get my hands on the rest of this trilogy, I’ve got a copy of Doom Generation I’m planning on watching, but I’ve never seen a Greg Araki film though I’ve been meaning to for so long. These stills have concreted my need, now!

    Also, you asked about the collar from my Worn Journal post, it’s actually part of a silk shirt I purchased from TBA. I want to post it without the jumper at some point because it’s amazing. They actually featured the design on a couple of different items, I’m really lucky though because I got the shirt for Ā£20 reduced massively. So happy you liked my Worn post, tbh I would love so much to write an article for them and be published, it would be one of those fantasy moments. Too bad I can’t think of an idea to submit at all? Plus, I’m not sure I have a strong enough writing style. Ranting again, sorry! Teehee. Post more. Post more!

    • YAY!

      Omg, damn that TBA and their amazing clothes, gah! D;

      I so sure as soon as you get an idea you’ll write something amazing! You bring a certain element of something very personal in your articles and I think that’s absolutely perfect for Worn šŸ˜€

  • Hey there, thanks for stopping over! I’ve meant to comment on your blog much sooner but it always takes me a while to take the plunge :-p your blog is great!

    This film looks so familar, has it got Rose Mcgowan in it? If so I’ve definitely seen it, I remember a black and white checked room but none this other amazing scenery and fashion! it does have a horrible ending though šŸ™

    So funny to see the girl from the craft! and I’m probably wrong in thinking that the guy with the black bob (never described a man as having a bob, but it is a bob haha) is in Donnie Darko.

    It looks amazing and psychedelic, it’s only recently clicked in my mind that the 90’s were influenced by the 60’s… I’ll try and catch Nowhere!

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