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Shoes: Camper, shirt: Who’s That Girl?, skirt: hand-made (can you tell lol)

It’s an outfit yay! I took advantage of some local sale yesterday and came out with this cute shirt (also a ton of socks because who buys socks at full price anyways).It’s buy Belgian brand Who’s That Girl? They always have super cute retro-inspired stuff but sadly I think their preferred fabric of choice falls short for the tent dresses and A-line skirts that dominate their line. A soft, stretchy cotton elastane blend feel lovely but is too soft to create an accurate A-line silhouette, is far more suited for well-fitted clothing or something softer and flowing. It frustrates me every time I see their designs because of course they always catch my eye but then I see the fabric is just wrong for the model, it makes me sad. But It’s perfect for this shirt though! Super comfy and soft, I love it. Anyways here’s a detail from the shirt in an awkward pic.


Just realised there’s a lil optical illusion on my breasts. That’s nice! Good job. Anyways here’s me with my cat.

Photo on 05-09-16 at 13.26 #6

P.S. I cut my own hair using four or so mirrors. It came out so good, didn’t it? Chique yet easy to maintain but still nice and cute.


  • Eline!

    The fabric your describing sounds/looks similiar to an amazing shirt I bought recently. I got it from a vintage shop and realised the fabric and weird style of it was similar to a T shirt I had at home- turned out they were the same label, called Hukapoo (what is this name)?!! I tried doing a bit of research but didn’t find much- it just seems like Hukapoo did really funky weird prints on super soft elasticy fabric. Anyways, your modern shirt really has a hukapoo vibe! 😀

    Also your post below really expresses my general opinion on blogging. I don’t know if collective blogging is the way forward? I do love doll hospital’s choice to work in print, rather than online. Zine culture also seems to be a thing that links to blogs.

    It’s hard….I’m not sure- I kind of want some of the personal connection/collective discussion/personal stories combined with quality writing. Maybe there is a way?

    Have you read the coven?
    ::fatcat:: ::rabbit:: ::mewlingcat:: ::chick:: ::bread::

    • I’ve been thinking about this A LOT! The way you say (and I, I guess? ‘collective blogging’ reminds me sorta of and yeah ok there’s ok stuff out there but as a uhhhh ””medium””… it doesn’t interest me. I think you’re right! What do you think about just actively linking to blogs (like almost every post or so and also a sidebar) instead? IDK!

      I think personal connection/collective discussion.personal stories is exactly the way it was when the uh blogosphere first started so maybe we should aim for something like that but also updated you know? We need to move on, what do you think? We should also more actively comment and reply to comments as we used to and I mean in this case espacially me I’ve been neglecting that a lot and I think it has a huge impact on the collective feel etc..

      And yeah The Coven was featured in Issue One of Doll Hospital so I suggest you get all our issues ::wink:

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