the waves, the waves, the waves

Here’s an outfit I wore/am wearing today which I think is really nice. I was going to write some but I’m am B E A T, as in, t i r e d, and I still need to get some actual work done while I’m yearning just to lay down and read a good book. (I’ve been going through such good fiction lately! perhaps a tale for another day.) I have no excuse for being this tired but that’s how it is sometimes.


But though anyways, I’ve definitely coordinated this entire outfit around those earrings (I even did my nails! hands and feet!). While cat-sitting some of my favourite cats in this whole wide world I came across these, owned by one of the cat moms. I, unashamedly, claimed them for a few hours and decided to get buy while not all too sober but still, luckily having slept on it a night. Otherwise I would’ve probably raided the entire Poola Kataryna jewellery section with money I absolutely do not own. I cannot honestly say I wouldn’t have regretted it though. These also fell out of my budget but like, how good do they look with the shortness of this bob? How great is that blue? Do you know how much I love poppies? Do you know how perfect these go with my Marimekko poppy print backpack in reds and oranges? (Very.) How is it not justified to overdraw your bankaccount when you come across such aesthetically sound reasoning?


No. I’m a little ashamed, I admit, but I just love them so much, my shame transgresses my usual boundaries (not that those are very fixed and normative either how). There it is; I am a shameful materialist beast but I have to own up for who I am. That’s just how it is. That’s just how it goes. The rest of my outfit? A la fille d’O bikini top (on sale), a second hand two euro dress which is probably a nightgown (but how good does it look? it’s this summer’s favourite of mine), shoes were gifted (I am blessed).



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