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Shoes: some place in Switzerland, tights: IDK, bottom skirt: hand-made, everything else second hand.

This August I finally quit shampoo and opted for that infamous baking soda and applce cider vinegar method due to being obnoxiously green, obviously. Since then I’ve pretty much slapped anything and nothing on my hair and I love it especially because I get to say the most ludicrious things like ‘I think I’ll wash my hair with bread next’ and for the fabulous hippie-esque things I get to do like wash my hair with flowers, see them floating beautifully in a cup and dripping off your body (spoiler: it totally blocks your pipes). Over the course of these past months I noticed individual strands of hair curling so I decided to treat my hair vaguely like it’s curly and because of it my hair is getting pretty fluffy and textured. I like it. I currently wash my hair with an egg, lemon and honey after I oil it with coconut oil infused with hibiscus. That sounds so complicated (also maybe a little gross); I guess I am obsessed with hair now.

For the sake of this being a supposed outfit blog this is currently my go-to lounging around the house or working for school outfit lately. Layers and softness yayyyy. I really wanted to half-ass the bottom skirt because the unravled ends looked pretty but I had to be courageous and finish the seams if I didn’t want to end up in a fringe skirt. It was a sad moment.


  • I`v been meaning to go shampoo free myself for quite some time – i only wash my hair once a week as it is because i use baby powder as dry shampoo. My hair has definetly become more healthier because i wash it less, but going completely without shampoo would make it even healthier! The next time my shampoo runs out, I`m bying baking soda) that website is really helpful. Oh and i love your romantic outfit)


  • I’ve not washed my hair with shampoo in over a year. I just use water, nothing else. My hair is the softest it’s ever been in my life. šŸ˜€ You look super pretty. I love the deep pink with the baby blue.

    • Oooh so jealous I wish I could do this but my water’s too soft or my sebum production is still too high :'(

  • That’s not obnoxiously green… Don’t think obnoxious really belongs in there! Sounds like a good idea. Embrace your gentle curl, I’m sitting here with a crazy head cause my hair needs a detangling, kind of wish it was as easy as 123! alas no!
    I want to try African black soap next.
    I use a natural shampoo every so often, but shampoo isn’t very good for my hair, conditioner is more important!
    Nice booties, nice shape of top too. Yeah, I like unfinished hems too but you have to forgo it sometimes for the sake of having a garment left at all!

    • I know, a full curly head is so beautiful but the upkeep seems like such a hassle!
      Maybe you don’t need to shampoo at all. If you haven’t heard about it already this website tells about the conditioner only method which is great for people with all sorts of curly hair:
      The has some good posts about other alternative washings and lots of conditioner tips for curly babes like you too!

      • I had heard about it, it’s good idea but I decided I would because of build up- just occasionally though =) You are a gem, I will check those website, thanks x

  • Your hair methods sound glorious. I would love to wash my hair with flowers in the middle of the country next to my kombi:) you look very pretty and I like your shoes. Countioisly amazed by the awesomeness of this blog.

  • Your hair routine sounds awesome! Also, I love your outfit — reminds me of the whole culty party look thing that is going on in Japan. Also, I saw the dirndls in your previous post and you totally rock them!

  • I wish my lounging around outfits were as gorgeous! Mine usually consist of unwashed pajamas… Beautiful little jacket, by the way!

  • Ooh, you should totally do reviews of the different alternate shampoo methods you try ~ I’d love to know which really works. I’ve been trying to use more natural products ~ like olive oil as moisturiser and make-up remover. Also, apple cider vinegar mixed with water is good as facial toner too.
    Your outfit looks lovely by the way. I think someone already mentioned this, but you look very cult party kei.

    • Oh yeah, maybe I could just post it in little chunks because the post I wrote about aaalllll the things I’ve tried is so long and horribly boring. Chunks is a good idea šŸ˜€
      Yes, to ACV as toner! I also use a little on a cloth to wash my whole body in the shower these days, it makes my skin so soft and the smell dissipates so my skin gets to smell like skin instead of soap šŸ˜€

      Thanks, yay cult party kei! šŸ˜€

  • Your hair looks great for it. The natural waves are really attractive. The top and skirt have a real 1930s feel to them and are such a beautiful colour. The pale blue is such an innocent pastel.
    P.S. Found you blog on Bloglovin- I’m very pleased to follow it.

  • I am really into the flowy layers in this outfit. Tis refreshing to see lovely, normal hair. Beautiful.

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