This time I’m gonna keep me all to myself.

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Bjork’s Pagan Poetry song and video means a lot to me. There’s a lot of symbolism going on, but it matters nothing to me. To me, the song, especially combined with the video is about finding a love, a secret pleasure so good, so pure, she will keep it all to herself. But not an external love in the shape of a person. She found it in the darkest part of herself. It’s scary but it is hers and hers alone. And a dark part of yourself can become a pleasure, morbid maybe, but it’s a pleasure you feel is there, maybe just because it is yours. Yours alone. None can take it away.Though maybe you want it to sometimes. More and more this dark secret pleasure grows into her all. It grows on her surface, you cannot stop it, she’s accepted all of herself including the dark painful bits and morphed them into pearls and tule.

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Her face morphs from pain to overjoyed continually; back and again back and again, in the close-ups. Our dark parts are not very fun.

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When she sings ‘it makes me want to hurt myself” her face is ecstatically happy.

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The dress is so important too; by piercing her skin, by hurting; piercing pearls and beauty through herself.  Her darkness gets sown on and beautified. She wears it, though it might hurt. She found some pearls and diamonds inbetween all of the h urt though. For me, Pagan Poetry is about accepting all of you, the ugly bits the beautiful bits and letting them weave all into you, giving you the freedom to become you.


  • Oh wow, I love Bjork and I’d never watched this video or listened to this song. it is really powerful and I do love the video. Also very relatable, though could be slightly triggering in parts.
    I love the idea of transformation from dark and ugly to making them pieces of you. It really is great <3

  • Just reading your blog for the first time and Wow you’re vision on things is so enlightened. I had no idea and hope things start looking up ^^

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