skirt: leoreak mendian, sweater: w&lt by walter van beirendonck, shirt: second hand, socks h&m, tights: zeeman, shoes: dr. marents, belt: gift

My first day of school outfit!! Except not really because I’m just going to an introductory day. I got this Walter Van Beirendonck, Wild and Lethal Trash sweater for relatively cheap and I love it because it’s the most affordable thing close to Walter’s experimentations with fabrics since the knit looks like grass. I’m gonna try to figure out which collection this is from, if it is from a collection, by exploring W&LT more in depth. Anyway, this is a very similar outfit to my last but I love its colours and this sweater and these socks!!


  • AHHH this outfit is perfection and i absolutely adore the sweater (because fuzzy green sweaters + daisies = true sartorial love)!!! I’m going to have to see if I can knit something close to it because it is impossible to find anything Walter Van Beirendonck where i live, not that i can afford it anyway!

  • Oh my gosh your outfits are deliriously joyful, like the outfit embodiment of the halluciogenic Lisa sequences in the Simpsons.

    And I hope your first day of school went well šŸ˜€ I start in October, eep, eep.

    I have been bad with blogging/reading blogs/doing anything that isn’t boring work this week so haven’t commented in a bit but I want to say thank you for your kind words about my blog it really means a lot. <3 I can be a scaredy cat self doubter and its encouragement from lovely people like you that keep me going!

    I hope your days are happy and whole

    Love Bethany


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