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A friend recently directed me towards Bows & Bandits, an online shop which has GREAT little Austrain dresses! I absolutely adore drindls and suddenly remembered I own one not worn to death just yet because I bought it this summer and it was far too hot to wear such thick cotton. I can’t believe I forgot I owned it though because it’s AWESOME.


I removed the ultra Austrianness of it though. Since the dress is a little too big for me, it looked awkward when pairing with the belt I added too accentuate the fact that I have a waist.


Luckily it won’t be hard to add back on when I feel like going all Austrian! The fabric’s lining is also pretty sweet and makes me wonder what this dress was used for? Seeing five interlocked rings like those from the Olympics, a castle and a little guy langlaufing/cross-country skiing, I’d like to believe this dress was used to support royal Austrian langlaufers during the Olympics! XD


I can’t help but sighing over how much I love this coat! I love every possible angle of it and wanted to show you the profile which is one of my favourite parts of it.


Ruffles! 😀 Also, Saturday I’m going to a play based on Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights which is one of my FAVOURITE novels of all time! I can’t wait! Though it’ll probably be horrible compared to the book, I love seeing all kinds of adaptations. Maybe I just love seeing adaptations failing though because no doubt no one will ever even remotely come close to Brontë’s genius. I’m in complete awe of how she manages to make the readers sympathise with two of the most horrid characters ever written about, Catherine and Heathcliff. Their actions are so completely repulsive to me yet their love for each other is what makes them human rather than the monsters they can be sometimes. Sigh, I can’t wait to see how they’ll screw up this Saturday! 😀


  • Lol did you bought those tights in the veritas, because I remember how Fanny wanted them so badly.

    I love that blouse with all those ruffles. Seriously it’s awesome. I want one too, dress up and claim I teleported to the future. No one will believe me but w/e.

    Your shoes are cute too.

      • I swear that you have this device build inside you, which makes you find all these great pieces of clothing.

        The coat with the fur keeps amazing me. *_*

  • Ooh I quite like this! The ruffles make me think of pirates!

    I need to read Wuthering Heights; I just finished – and quite liked – Jane Eyre. My friend and I are planning on going as Charlotte and Emily Brontesaurus next halloween.

    • I haven’t read Jane Eyre yet! I’ve started reading it about a gazillion times but I’m always dumping it for some other book but Wuthering Heights…! Gah! It was very addictive and simply one of the best books I’ve ever read! If someone bashes it (and if CERTAIN PEOPLE compare it too Twilight) I will kick their ass!

      I love the brontesuarus idea so much, hahahaa!

  • I LOVE this look, especially how you (slightly) altered the dress and layered it over the ruffled top. The bag, the tights the shoes THEV COAT…all perfection. 🙂

  • It’s so pretty! The secondhand market man said he’s gonna have a lot of dirndl dresses this weekend (if I counted the weeks right XD).
    And omg Wuthering Heights play!

    • OMG just when I don’t have the money D:. I’m going to die of sadness right now ;_;

  • the ruffles are so cute!! and even though you said the dress is too big it seems to fit really well with the belt.

  • I want your hair I want your hair! My agency wants me to have boring blonde hair, it’s sad.

    I think i’ll have to check out bows and bandits, that dress is adorable.

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