Too exhausted for anything other than a general self-promotional update! I don’t know why I keep forgetting but I was interviewed by the amazing Kailey for her crazy amazing perfect flawless pastel-coloured uplifting and wonderful zine, Pistachio! It features Kailey’s great illustrations, super cute and beautiful articles a couple of my favourite people like Cassie, Bethany, Marlena, of course, Kailey herself and so many more. So check it out!

In other illustrative news, I am currently holding a giveaway/contest to win these two illustrations prints and a bunch of stickers over at my tumblr.

Check it out here. Sorry it’s not really open to people outside of tumblr, if there’s any interest I might broaden my horizon and figure out how to open up a giveaway to all but until then check out my tumblr and etsy for more!


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