dress: Marimekko (on super sale aw yes!!), shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, socks: gift/mosaert, top: second hand, cardigan second hand

I have been taking breaks from studying (which is going ridiculously slow due to lack of motivation but at least it’s going somewhat??) by crouching on a nearby riverbench and watching waterbirds. I have met many families! There is a shared nest of coots and a great crested grebe — separated by a strategically placed branch — whom are all currently taking a break from parenting. The coots sometimes check up on the nest and never stray too far and seem to be communicating with the nest by clacking with their beaks or making their obnoxious screech though I have seen glimpses of what is undoubtedly nothing but eggs. But I haven’t seen the grebes close for three days since, all I see them do is fabulously cleaning their gorgeous feathers.

Furthermore, I have met a family of five ducklings, two duck dads and one mom duck. The duckings are the largest on the river. When I crouch near them they occasionally swim very near as if to say hi. Same with the family of a single duck mom and her seven cute frolicking ducklings. But the single duck mom with no less than eleven tiny, tiny, tiny ducklings have yet to trust me.

Today a stranger gestured the tinyness of what seemed to be a new coot family, for which I am thankful, for I was on my bike and had Things to Do like forgetting essential groceries at the supermarket. Also, when I wandered by the riverbench I noticed myself thinking “this is such a nice spot of grass, if I were a duck I’d build my nest here.” Thank you, waterbirds.

This, and forgetting everything and everyone and especially myself and taking care of myself, is all I have been doing. Slowly, languidly, uncaringly. A student’s life. Excrutiangly dull.


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