I really don’t have much to say in between the holidays and the studying and general all-around bad mood due to weather and inescapable annoying spirit of cheerful festivities. But I had to update because exactly due to being in a pissy mood I went out and bought several new pieces of clothing that I should probably feel guilty about buying, except for the fact that every single one of them was worth its price especially considering all my money went to charity and also to a somewhat elevated mood (I know I know). Anyway DIRNDL #7 of my now continually growing dirndl collection!

Shoes: some place in Switzerland, coat: Killah, tights: forgot, everything else: second hand.

These mushrooms are actually thumb-tags but I’ve been randomly pinning them on as much of my clothing as possible!

The cat on the leopard collar was given to me by a friend and I sort of can’t believe this is the first time it has appeared on my blog because it is AMAZING and I am constantly wearing this as a bow tie or just randomly pinned on my clothing. This cat becomes especially awesome if you know that this was made after a mascot of nothing else than wine, called Cato Negro. You should seriously check out its website because it has colourful pissy looking jumping cats all over! GLORIOUS.


  • Oh my god, DIRNDL! I’ve wanted one for SO long, I can’t believe you have 7! And such beautiful ones too. I love this outfit, the colours are so unusual and beautiful together.

    • Yesss, I come across them all the time though, so it’s pretty much a huge feat for me that I only have seven to this day :’D. I guess they’re all around because I live close to the countries where it’s traditional wear. They had them in total ABUNDANCE in Switzerland! They were overflowing in the second hand shops there ;_________;. Sadly, I couldn’t afford them.

      Thank you! ^O^

  • The colors are so festive and bright – love the outfit. And I too can`t believe that you are showing that amazing cat for the first time! It is a perfect accessory!


  • It’s goooorgeous! It’s seriously one of the prettiest dirndls I’ve seen? So definitely worth it in my book.

    Also Gato Negro <333.
    Btw, did you create a background from the best of your awesome stickers?? šŸ˜€

  • Holy FABULOUS OUTFIT BATMAN. I am absolutely in love with those pissy jumping cats too! ^^

  • I want a dirndl so much! I love fluffy collars at the moment too, especially liking it with the kitty on it, a fawn print fluffy collar is on the top of my wants list!

    • They have some fawn print fluffy collars at the H&M children’s section! GO GET IT šŸ˜€

  • Mushrooms are always excellent x 1000000. I like your outfit the red tights are cool:) possibly one of the coolest blogs I have ever seen, and I am not just sucking up. Stay awesome

  • I really feel like you could be in some children’s fairytale with this outfit! It’s just so cute, especially with the mushrooms!
    I really love how all the colours work together, it’s truly amazing!

  • Wicked, playful outfit, as always. The dirndle is amazing– I want to go where you find these amazing garments. The red coat and fur collar go beautifully. It’s s definite Christmas-y outfit, but also just a bring on the cheerfulness outfit.

  • whoohoo dirndle alert! Glad you posted it next! You slay me with mushrooms, like, what else would expect to find! So foresty and beautiful. Gato negro collar lol how specific, so nice.

  • That cat pin is so precious, plus your outfit is perfect ~ I especially love the dress (it makes me think of Holland).

  • Hey! I love your blog, dude! Your outfits are always wicked fun and you are always wicked-witty! I love your skirts today–The florals remind me of Freida Kahlo!!!

    anyways, if you have time, visit me on my blog:


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