Woman of Pupation

“There is a feeling I’ve had ever since childhood: that there exist many different “worlds” and I was born in the wrong one, a world I don’t quite fit into. I’ve felt this strong feeling of wrongness all through my life. There is no space for me in this world. Every time I believe I’ve finally found my place, someone comes to me and says “Go away! You’re not supposed to be here.”

I am so obsessed with Jun Togawa. Whenever I try to write something about her, I inevitably end up flailing and my words seem painfully meaningless and inept to even faintly describe how much I love her, let alone describe the being of greatness she really is. She uses insect imagery to describe that gross out of place feeling, she applies weird dances when wearing cute outfits with insect wings, she parodies the Japanese popstar imagery, she has made a toilet commercial. She is perfect. None of these things can describe her, only her work can. I have dedicated a website to her in order to catalogue and track alllll translated lyrics and then some, and you should check it and Jun Togawa out if you like weird Japanese pop songs from the eighties that are also catchy and sometimes ethereal and sometimes elegant and daunting and sometimes ugly, or if you like women like Björk and Kate Bush who also do interesting and beautiful and great and more superlative things concerning the imagery of women while simultaneously being deeply personal.


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