Here’s to hoping my series of bad days will soon be truly over; I’m starting to feel better now. I slept so much lately, maybe I needed it. My head feels clearer and my irritation level has lowered a lot. Yay! I have a deadline by tonight so naturally I am making this post. Last night I was procrastinating as well and casually wrote some thoughts on polyester dresses. (Among many other useless dallyings…)


I took that photo years ago, found it when I was searching through my own archive recently, — it originally had a riiculous poem attached, but I lost it! Such a shame. It reminded me that I don’t think I’ve ever before posted an outfit with this black & coloured polyester dress even though for a while there I wore it constantly. I love the collar so, so much and what makes me laugh is that a friend on tumblr posted an image of a very, very similar dress before I found this and captioned it ‘I think this would be perfect for Eline‘. A couple of days later I found this on the flee market and squealed a bit, how could I resist getting it? Coincidentally the socks were gifted by the same friend! Internet connections are truly amazing.


dress: second hand, socks: gift/Happy Socks, sweater: H&M, pom pom necktie: hand-made

Also, not gonna lie by wearing shoes — I never wear shoes in the house, who does? — since I am working on a deadline I have no need for them, but if I did I’d probably wear my yellow Swedish Hasbeens you see popping up a lot here!

And though I am not wearing any (deadline!!!!) my make up obsession has reached a new level after a makeupping friend night a couple of days ago. (Look at some of the cute babes I have in my life here!!) As with any hard-to-overcome event I deal with it by making lists. Here’s mine on tumblr, and why not, I also made one on pinterest hahahah. Tell me your deep-seated make up wishes.

As a side note: I just wanna shout it al over there’s three OCC lip tars currently 50% off!!

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