collar: p•p t•nes, cardigan: etsy, skirt: second hand, shoes: swedish hasbeens, vest: second hand, beret: veritas

Here I am in Marlena’s amazing collar! I really need to stay away from my stash of money because I need it for food but this collar got me lying awake and anxious and sighing and tossing and turning over its beauty so I just got out of bed and bought it because Marlena is amazing and she deserves my money and admiration and love because she is perfect and such an amazing seamstress. This collar is so perfectly finished I’ve also been wearing the back pink lining on my outfits! Thank you so much, Marlena, you are one of my all-time favorite bloggers and you’ll always will be because you keep doing what you want to do and it’s perfect and amazing and lines up so closely to my own aesthetic ::sparkles:: ::rainbow:: ::sparkles:: ::love::


  • Every time I see your Swedish Hasbeens I get the chills! They’re amazing, but mostly because you make em work so well. And your color palette! Consistently. Fantastic. You inspire me every time you post!

  • Adorable and amazing! I love collars! This one was well worth your money I would say, your outfits are magnificent. ::sparkles::

  • As soon as I saw that Marlena had started a shop, I knew without question that I was going to end up buying something from her. You styled that collar beautifully and look fantastic, as always!

  • Your beret is the best and thanks for providing me with a rainbow to use! I love it =) ::runningpig:: ::rainbow::

    and all sorts of others!
    wheee! ::singing:

    Really cool seeing your cardigan worn in a spring way, just beautiful.

  • Ahhh you look so incredible Eline! <3333 ::sun:: ::strawberry:: ::thumbsup:: ::icecream:: ::rainbow::

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH ELINE! ≧∇≦ You’re the sweetest! <3 <3 <3
    As expected, you styled the collar perfectly! I am so in love with this outfit. ::love::

  • wow that eyeshadow is so vibrant! i love it, i wish i could do something like that. and you are so right, marlena is the best 🙂

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