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A positive about being broke for so long is that it has absolutely eliminated any want I had still left in me for material things, and that’s really really cool. I’ve found such a new love in my own wardrobe, combining things, trying to create new silhouettes by layering, rediscovering the magic of recreating a garment with a couple of safety pins etc.! Such fun, such wow, much love to all of my clothes. So yay.

My handmade coccinellidae dress (warning: super easy DIY @ the link!) is one of the most versatile things, though at the same time completely non-versatile too because I always end up with a red & white, preferably polka-dotted outfit, but I love falling into that habit too. I’m finding a new love for being predictable. Such cute!

This time I paired it with an old Meadham Kirchoff x Topshop tinsel skirt & some super sweet jewellery gifted to me & a pin I made for Worn Journal way back in ’10. Other than that it’s so very predicatbly #me, and I like that right now.

Photo on 11-09-14 at 16.19 Photo on 11-09-14 at 16.19 #2 wornPhoto on 11-09-14 at 16.21 #2

I was considering taking a proper outfit shot of this, but right now? I don’t want to. I’m dressing for me and for comfort and my clothing is currently a cocoon of protective gear and I don’t want to share it in high-res. Photobooth is kinda intimate, though of course not at all, but it gives off the vibe of being a little more intimate, and that’s where I’m at right now. I think. Maybe I’m just lazy. Probably both.

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  • Welcome to my world! Money has been so tight for so long that I’ve gotten into the habit of seeing things I like and not feel bad that I can’t get it yet. I too have to work with what I have; and although I have a wonderful sewing machine, I do still get a little lazy. o.~
    And it’s okay about the whole taking an entire photo of the outfit, I can still see that it’s very pretty.<3


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