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sweater: W&LT by Walter Van Beirendonck, shirt: secondhand, skirt: Lisa & Lola, second skirt: secondhand socks: Fräulein Prusselise, shoes: Zara
Look at me, I got a professional haircut for the first time since seven years!! (I’d been cutting it myself every so often.) I was honestly so nervous because since the dawn of time I have been suffering from the girl-child syndrome of getting my hair cut too short. I remember having cried a couple of times when getting a haircut as a child. Though admittedly my signature white-haired jawline bob was super adorable and looked really good on me (and I will say I bet it still would) I always wanted long hair but wasn’t allowed to I think? (This must have been literally the only thing I wasn’t allowed from my parents aside from long nails… guess what lengths I love rocking now?) But I bet you hardly notice the difference, which is what’s so great? I just got it cut as straight as possible. When 5 cm locks fell to the floor I was honestly relieved… though still got so faint-hearted I had to sit down in the midst of my two-minute haircut. I think I’ll dye it blue again? That was such a good look??

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I love hair?? Maybe a little too much?? I can waste my entire day away looking for split ends to cut off… it’s almost a meditative practise. Look, I have so little going on in my life hahaha.

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