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pants: Kenzo for H&M (men’s collection) – shoes: Martin Margiela – blouse: gift – knit crop sweater: Zara – the backpack in the background: gift (sorta claimed this for myself I’m sorry) / Orla Kiely

Whoopty freakin’ do, I finally found a way to take pics in this room! Sorry for the mess on the left. I love this little corner though, messy or not. Very cute, very colourful, love all the different kinds of storage and stuff. Very dynamic. Love the shapes, love the soft blue colour.

Anyways I’m obsessed with these pants from the Kenzo x H&M collection. I waited a couple of days after the release to visit H&M, hoping that most of the cool stuff would be gone and I wouldn’t go nuts and spend all my savings on it. But what  struck me most, as I was looking at the collection online, were these pants from the men’s collection, that one dress that was like 400 euros, and also tabi socks! The latter two were sold out, thank god for that dress but one tabi Kenzo sock would’ve been cool though. OH WELL. Is it me or are men’s pants (in retail at least), like, way more comfortable? Like, I’ve been looking for pants in women’s sections and the measures are so weird most of the time. I’ve been looking in the wrong places my whole life? Or has my butt deflated enough for retail?? But mostly I love these jeans because of the colours and all the textures! Like:




That’s it for now. It’s cool that I have a space to be like LOOK AT THESE COOL CLOTHES. Not that I don’t do it in real life, but only very few are as enthusiastic as me. So thanks for being here, too, you know? It’ll almost be eight years that I’ve carved out this little space here. A lot has changed, yet I still haven’t grown out of the outfit pic habit. How nice. Or weird? Who cares. Eh.

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  • I love the outfit pics, and I especially love your outfit pics (even if I very, very rarely comment; my bad, sorry!). So many things can be done and undone with clothes and I love that their are still blogs that showcase that. I love seeing your fashion choices and reading your thoughts, so I am very glad that you’ve continued your 8 year long tradition.

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